Cannabis: A Big Sisters' Guide

Cannabis is all over the news. Every year more states and countries are changing their laws to allow medical or adult use of cannabis. But what is cannabis? Is it the same weed people smoked in the 60’s?  Will it get you high and give you the munchies? Some say it is a miracle drug.

The new legal cannabis market is very different from the old dime bags of weed. Flower and pre-rolls, gummies and sodas, vapes and concentrates, topicals and salves, there are many ways to use cannabis. With so many choices how do you decide what is best for you? 


Cannabis: A Big Sister's Guide is here to answer your questions. What is cannabis, how do you get it, how to use it, and why would you want to.  We're here to educate new consumers curious about cannabis so you can make informed purchases. 

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Anna and Mary, sisters and authors of "Cannabis: A Big Sisters' Guide" have created an easy how-to book for those in need of some useful tips and rules of thumb for using cannabis. Mary’s journey from stage four cancer to cannabis started with pain associated with a non-healing wound. She asked about cannabis and found that it helped.  “I wanted to figure out how best to use cannabis: I complained to my son. I needed a coach!

He said the problem is people would rather not have a candid conversation because it is illegal in most states. After all, many people will tell you not to mix beer and liquor, or where to get the best prices on craft beers. There are a lot of choices, bongs, pipes, what’s best?”

Anna is a cannabis educator and lives where adult use is legal. She helped Mary explore cannabis and find products that she liked. They realized that many  people will also need a coach.  Anna used her background in writing and chemical safety and Cannabis: A Big Sisters' Guide was born.

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